Graduate school of Business Administration

Features of the Graduate School

Our curriculum is designed to teach both basic and advanced theory concerning relevant fields of Business Administration: Management, Marketing, Accounting and Information Systems. Furthermore, we have included case studies from business professionals in each field’s.

To improve knowledge retention, smaller classes allow for more interactive communication between students and faculty. Offering various systems, we support students powerfully.

Our campus is located in Shinagawa Ward, a bustling, urban area that forms a subcentral district of Tokyo. In addition to easy access to public transportation routes, the Shinagawa Campus offers an ideal learning environment.

Two Courses

We scheduled two courses for our Program. These are the Academic Course and the Business-Solutions Course. This specific division will allow our students flexibility in regards to their individual needs.

Academic Course

In the Academic Course, students have the opportunity to study from both broad theoretical and empirical perspectives, being individually instructed on research of particular topics enriching knowledge and thought processes. To complete this course, one will need to submit a Master's Thesis.

Eligible Students may apply for the Partial Exemption System for accounting subjects of the Certified Tax Accountant Exam in Japan, with the accepted Master's Thesis on accounting pursuant to the guidelines by the system, after completing this course.

Business-Solutions Course

The Business-Solutions Course is for businesspeople who want to seek further understanding of contemporary business from professional perspectives in order to solve highly specialized and diverse issues: Corporate Governance, Internal Control, Tax Strategy, Business Succession, Management Innovation and Digitization Strategy in Mass Communication as well as other concepts.

In this course, both academic staff and experts called External Supervisors, give useful and pertinent advice targeted to individual research. This course requires your Research Report instead of a Master's Thesis to be submitted in order to complete this course.

Major Revision of the Required University Entrance Examination

Rissho University Graduate School of Business Administration has greatly revised the application requirements for international students from the 2018 entrance examination.

Prior to applying to the Graduate School, students must take the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), but the “General Subjects” part of this examination, which was included in the past, is now no longer necessary, and has now been changed to “Japanese” only. Also, even those who have not taken the EJU can apply if they have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (level not specified).

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