Rissho University's Institutional Repository(Rissho-IR)

Rissho-IR is a system that collects and stores the research & educational achievements of Rissho University, and provides them to the public.

The Rissho University Japanese-Language Program accepts short-term international students mainly from partner universities / institutions abroad. We hope participants in this program will interact with the students and staff of Rissho University and deepen their understanding of Japan to become active members in today's international society.

Semester Course

This course offers international students the chance to study Japanese, Japanese current affairs, and Japanese culture. Also, students can take some of the classes conducted in Japanese at each faculty of Rissho University according to their Japanese language abilities. In some cases, classes may be divided by the students' language proficiency level. The course length is generally one or two semesters.

Short-Term Course

This is a three-week course which offers students to take classes related to Japanese language, Japanese current affairs and Japanese culture. Optional activities such as tea ceremony, visiting temples and kendo practice are also offered to experience Japanese culture.