Institute of Nichiren Buddhist Studies

At this institute, a wide range of researchers, including teaching staff in the Department of Nichiren Buddhism, conduct comprehensive research on the doctrines and history of Nichiren and religious orders founded on Nichiren’s teachings. Their activities receive considerable attention from related academic societies.

Institute for the Comprehensive Study of Lotus Sutra

Teaching staff in the Department of Buddhist Studies conduct basic research on the Lotus Sutra and related cultural elements. This institute of international research aims to advance scholarship in this area and contribute to global culture. It has issued publications containing many years of research findings, and these have been well received by scholars in Europe and the United States.

Institute of Humanistic Sciences

Teaching staff in the Faculty of Letters take opportunities to brainstorm with one another through research meetings and lectures. The institute supports research in various ways, including the provision of financial aid. It contributes to the field of humanities by publishing research findings in the Annual Bulletin of the Institute of Humanistic Sciences. Joint research findings are also published in other publications.

Institute of Economic Studies

This institute promotes research in a wide range of fields, including global economic systems, environmental economic systems, and information, language, and cultural systems, all grounded in basic economic research. The central activities of the institute include the publication of research findings and the organization of lectures and research conferences.

Institute of Business and Management

This institute promotes research projects headed by the teaching staff in the Faculty of Business Administration as well as collaborative research with researchers from other universities, companies, and government institutions based on industry-government-academic partnerships. The institute aims to identify practical ways for its research findings to be applied in society and to ensure that its findings are reflected in the research and education conducted within the university’s graduate and undergraduate programs.

Institute of Legal Studies

This institute publishes the Annual Bulletin of the Institute of Legal Studies, which is intended to promote the research activities of teaching staff in the Faculty of Law. It also conducts ongoing research and educational activities, including various symposia that it cosponsors with the Faculty of Law in which a large number of legal specialists from both inside and outside the university participate. In addition, the institute holds outreach-oriented public seminars for the general public in cooperation with other faculties, as well as staff seminars aimed at helping instructors share research activities with one another.

Institute of Social Welfare

Teaching staff and guest researchers from both inside and outside the university work together to promote cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research and surveys on a wide range of fields related to social welfare in order to develop relevant technologies and contribute to the development of practical solutions.

Institute of Environmental Science

This institute aims to conduct research on a variety of problems related to the global environment, local environment, local planning, environmental planning, environmental management, and disaster management. Also, the institute contributes to the development of solutions to related issues. At environmental discussion sessions organized by the institute, leading researchers from both inside and outside the university present their research findings and strive to share research and information.

Institute of Psychology

With specialized professors from the Faculty of Psychology as its key members, this institute investigates a diverse array of research topics related to clinical psychology and interpersonal and social psychology. It regularly holds research conferences to promote the release and publication of research results.