Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology

This graduate school offers programs in six fields of specialization: Buddhist Studies, English and American Literature, Sociology, History, Japanese Literature, and Philosophy. The education and research conducted in each field aim to explore what people think, how they express themselves, how they behave, and how cultures are constructed from past, present and future perspectives.

Graduate School of Economics

This graduate school has established many advanced, unique research courses that look at issues from both an economic and environmental perspective and aims to cultivate students into professionals and researchers who possess a wealth of knowledge and contribute to society in a variety of ways. The graduate school actively recruits international students from countries in Asia that are experiencing remarkable levels of economic development.

Graduate School of Law

This graduate school aims to cultivate personnel who can appropriately use the specialized legal knowledge and ability to make legal inferences gained in this school in society. To this end, the graduate school offers education in law to cultivate specialized professionals (such as tax accountants) and government workers, while also offering recurrent education for specialized professionals and government workers.

Graduate School of Business Administration

Students conduct research in the field of business administration in a way that incorporates practical research. Students acquire the advanced knowledge and technical skills needed in contemporary society. Education is conducted according to the principle of training well-rounded, sophisticated professionals with a broad perspective and a sense of creativity.

Graduate School of Social Welfare

In accordance with the educational principle of integrating theoretical and practical learning, this graduate school not only provides students with guidance and advice on their academic research but also aims to cultivate advanced specialists and practitioners. Also, this graduate school offers recurrent training for social workers and other employees of social welfare organizations.

Graduate School of Geo-Environmental Science

This graduate school has two courses: Environment Systems, in which students explore global environmental problems from the perspective of natural science; and Geographical Space Systems, in which students examine the interaction between the spread of phenomena and human life. This graduate school aims to cultivate advanced specialists who will be ready to work immediately in this field and researchers who will explore a variety of phenomena related to the environment.

Graduate School of Psychology

This graduate school offers master’s programs in clinical psychology, applied psychology, and interpersonal and social psychology. It also offers a doctoral program in psychological studies. All of these programs are intended for students who will become specialized practitioners, educators, and researchers in the field of psychology.