Origins of the University

The University’s name comes from Rissho Ankoku Ron, which was written by Nichiren when he was 39 years old.
The university, established in 1580 as an educational institution for priests of Nichiren Buddhism, is proud of its 430-year history. In 1872, it was transformed into a modern educational institution. Today it boasts eight undergraduate faculties with 15 departments and seven graduate school research departments, all managed by Rissho Daigaku Gakuen.


Origins of the School Emblem

Rissho University's emblem consists of stylized kanji for the word university resting atop two mandarin oranges and leaves.
The mandarin orange tree was a favorite of Nichiren, and the fragrance of its lily-white flowers and brightness of its green leaves symbolize the university’s commitment to nurturing people who seek truth, value justice, and desire peace.
The school color is green because the mandarin orange tree is an evergreen, and it expresses the breath of newness and eternal vitality that flows through the university.