Message from the President

At Rissho University, our vision is to cultivate students that have both high moral standards and deep expertise, with “a comprehensive university engaged with people, society and the Earth” as our slogan. To this end, we are advancing and deepening creative research activities that encourage diversity.

Rissho University has compiled an impressive platform of valuable data and intelligence based on our research activities over the years. We use these resources to efficiently deploy the knowledge and technologies necessary to review methodologies of various schools of thought—from a pioneering and innovative perspective—in the academic fields of the humanities (including sociology) and the natural sciences.

Additionally, we would like to forge new research perspectives within a global context or holistic concept to derive the academic support that will be essential in the near future.

By developing research perspectives that embody the originality of Rissho University, we believe we can actively spread our pioneering research both in Japan and abroad, and at the same time amplify education for our undergraduate and graduate students.

President of Rissho University