Participant of Japanese-Language Program Semester Course

- Why did you decide to study Japanese?

In my high school, all students had to choose a second language to study, so I chose Japanese. After studying it in school, I gradually became interested in Japan and Japanese culture. In High school, I also had the opportunity to visit Japan on a school trip, which deepened my interest in Japan and Japanese language. I knew after the trip that I wanted to keep studying Japanese and come back to Japan again to travel, study or work in the future, so I kept on studying Japanese through to university.

Another reason why I study Japanese is that I also study commerce. To expand my future job opportunities, I think that a second language, especially an Asian language, is very beneficial. In this age, I think that having a second language and a knowledge of how different cultures work is a very useful skill to bring to the business world, which is part of the reason of why I chose to study Japanese.

- What did you learn in this course?

In class we learnt a range of skills from kanji to listening, grammar and speaking. What we studied was directly relevant to the JLPT exam that took during the semester. We also got to take classes about Japanese culture and affairs, in which we learnt about a range of topics relating to Japanese culture that I found very interesting.

- Please tell us your thoughts about the Japanese language program.

At first, since some of the students in my class were much more advanced than me, I found it difficult to keep up to them. But as the teachers were very helpful and I was surrounded by Japanese every day, I was quickly able to match the pace, and by the end I could generally understand everything that was being taught. This made it easier, not just inside the class, but the content was also very beneficial in everyday life too. I feel that as a result of this program and its teachers, my Japanese language skills have improved tenfold.

- What do you think about Japan after your stay?

As this time, I got to see more of the beautiful countryside and engage with Japanese people more, I really got to know and understand the country a lot better. My impression that I developed is that the Japanese people are very friendly and eager to help despite the language barrier. I found it easy to make friends because everyone I met was very warm and welcoming. I got to go much further than the tourist hot spots and see much more of the landscapes, so I really got to see how vast and different Japan really is.

- Please give us some messages for future students.

If you are looking at studying at Rissho University, I think by all means you should do it! It will help you develop your language skills so much, as well as it being an amazing opportunity to experience the culture of Japan first-hand.

If you are accepted into Rissho University and are about to study here, my advice is to make the most of every opportunity and really engage in everything that is offered to you. At first, it can be a huge adjustment as there is a big culture difference, but pull through and really just enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast.