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Why Study Japanese at Rissho University?

Thorough Support for Students

Classes are small with a maximum of only 12 students per class. Rissho University’s fleet of outstanding Japanese language teachers explain the material until the students fully understand it. The teachers look out for their students’ well-being, as well. The administrative staff and Rissho students do what they can to support international students outside of class, too.

Three Program Lengths

Rissho University offers programs of different lengths: three weeks, half year, and full year. Students can pick the program that matches their needs. Take a look at your schedule and see which program suits you!

Lasting Friendships

There is no need to worry about whether you will be able to make Japanese friends. Members of the Rissho University Student International Exchange Association (RIEA) will be your first friends in Japan. Your Japanese will improve dramatically by talking with Japanese friends who are your same age.

Japanese Culture

Japan is known around the world for its unique culture. You may find it confusing at first since it may be very different from the culture of your home country. Don’t worry, though. The Japanese Language Program offers many opportunities for you to experience Japanese culture. You are sure to like Japanese culture by the time you return to your home country!

City and Suburban Life

The Shinagawa Campus makes the most of its excellent location in the heart of Tokyo. The Kumagaya Campus takes advantage of its lush and spacious natural setting. The variety offered by these two completely different campuses is sure to add spice to your studies in Japan. If you find yourself tired of city life, refresh yourself at the verdant Kumagaya Campus. If you want to go see the world metropolis of Tokyo, take the free inter-campus shuttle bus to Shinagawa and explore Tokyo all day.