Faculty of Buddhist Studies

Tracing its roots back to an educational institution for priests of Nichiren Buddhism, this faculty is a direct heir to “The Founding Spirit of Rissho University.” Students in the Department of Buddhist Studies learn about the culture of Buddhism through comparative research while those in the Department of Nichiren Buddhism learn about the philosophy and teachings of the Buddhist monk Nichiren as well as how the two have developed throughout history.

Faculty of Letters

The Faculty of Letters focuses on the various aspects of humanity. The common thread that connects the departments in this faculty is the commitment to studying human nature. Students examine human nature from a broad perspective, through ideas and history, language and literature, and social and cultural phenomena.

Faculty of Economics

This faculty strives to provide holistic education to individuals so that they may acquire a global perspective through the study if human history. The faculty cultivates students who are independent and show initiative, who will maintain a keen interest in the realities of social and economic turmoil, and who will act with a sense of purpose, based on their own personal values, to contribute to the development of society.

Faculty of Business Administration

By offering a curriculum that maintains a good balance between theoretical and practical lessons, this faculty aims to impart diverse problem-solving skills as well as the advanced, specialized knowledge and technologies needed in the corporate workplace. It also aims to cultivate human resources that can thrive in a constantly changing business environment.

Faculty of Law

After learning about the overall structure and framework of the legal system, students explore the kinds of laws that society needs. The Faculty of Law helps students develop the ability to survive in society with specialized legal knowledge and qualifications and teaches them the analytical skills needed to confront a variety of social problems and identify viable solutions.

Faculty of Social Welfare

Regarding theoretical and practical studies of social welfare and child education as well as studies in related academic fields, students develop the ability to analyze issues facing contemporary society, a sense of humanity and sympathy, and the practical skills needed in the fields of social welfare and child education through lectures, exercises, and practical training.

Faculty of Geo-environmental Science

This faculty promotes education and research aimed at solving various problems related to local and global environments. In addition to lectures, the faculty emphasizes laboratory training and fieldwork. The faculty aims to have students explore the environment of our living planet with a hands-on approach.

Faculty of Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology is comprised of the Department of Clinical Psychology and the Department of Intrapersonal and Social Psychology. The Department of Clinical Psychology primarily teaches students about behavioral and adjustment issues human adaptation, and personal development. The Department of interpersonal and Social Psychology teaches students about mental states and behaviors in the context of interpersonal relationships and the way people interact with society. In both departments, students conduct extensive study and research, including empirical tests and surveys, as they learn theories and techniques involved in examining the human mind from a scientific perspective. Students explore the human mind and behavioral mechanisms and are trained to support the problem-solving process.