1580 Iidaka Danrin, an educational institution for priests of Nichiren Buddhism, was founded in Shimousa (Yokaichiba, Chiba).
1872 Iidaka Danrin was abolished, and Shukyoin was established in Nihon-enoki (Minato Ward, Tokyo).
1904 Nichiren Shu Daigakurin was established in Osaki (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo) pursuant to the Specialized School Order.
1907 Nichiren Shu Daigakurin was renamed Nichiren Shu University.
1924 The Faculty of Letters, Preliminary course, and Literary Research Department were established pursuant to the University Order.
1947 Rissho Junior High School was established. The Department of Geography was added to the Faculty of Letters.
1948 Rissho High School was established.
1949 The now-renamed Rissho University was restructured pursuant to the School Education Law. The Faculty of Buddhist Studies and a new Faculty of Letters were established based on this law.
1950 The Faculty of Economics and a junior college were established. The Department of English Literature was added to the Faculty of Letters.
1951 Rissho University became Rissho Daigaku Gakuen when it converted from being an incorporated foundation to an incorporated school pursuant to the Private School Law. The Literary Research Department was established.
1967 The Faculty of Business Administration was established. The Kumagaya Campus opened.
1981 The Faculty of Law was established.
1988 The Economics Research Department was established.
1992 The renovation of the Osaki Campus, a 120th anniversary project, was completed.
1994 The Law Research Department was established.
1996 The Faculty of Social Welfare was established.
1998 The Business Administration Research Department and the Faculty of Geo-Environmental Science were established.
2000 The Social Welfare Research Department and Geo-Environmental Science Research Department were added to the graduate school.
2002 The university celebrated its 130th anniversary. The Faculty of Psychology was established.
2004 The Psychology Research Department was established.
2009 The renovation of the Kumagaya Campus was completed.
2012 The university celeblated its 140th anniversary.